My Dogs

Shy and Lee Windeatt


‘Shy’ my funny coloured Border Collie was born in July 2002. I had learnt a lot by this time and trained her to a reasonably high standard to which she has repaid me with so many achievements. She has represented Great Britain at the Agility World Championships and won a bronze team medal. She is twice winner of the Crufts team event, twice runner up in the Crufts singles, has won two championship certificates along with many reserves, and has been an Olympia senior finalist five years running. Shy is one of the most consistent dogs in the country and the best team dog there is. I don’t feel that Shy is built brilliantly for agility so I have always been very careful not to over-train her. I also rarely ask her to run at full speed. I only ask her to run flat out when it’s a final of some sort. I know this isn’t ideal if you want to win things but she means more to me than any prize and I want her to have a long pain-free retirement.

Bold and Lee Windeatt


Then I got ‘Bold’ my pretty Blue Merle boy. He was meant to be a big boy as he was a huge puppy but he didn’t grow much and looks like a girl. Bless him. But he is very very cute. He is an extremely successful dog. He has gained the title Agility Champion. He has won seven championship certificates and nine reserve tickets. He has also won the Crufts team event twice and represented Great Britain at the European Open and FCI Agility World Championships gaining a bronze medal, in the large team event in Austria. Bold’s style is very graceful and looks effortless like he is floating around the course. I had to work very hard on motivation with Bold as he just wanted to sit around as a pup and didn’t want to play, unlike Shy the maniac. Both my dogs do exactly as I ask of them in every run. So if ever they knock a pole or make a mistake then it’s because I have given them late cue or incorrect information.

Pip and Lee Windeatt


‘Pip’ – Darleyfall Pipistrelle isn’t actually my dog. I started running Pip at the end of the 2012 season, she belongs to Sandra Adams and is obviously from the phenomenal Darleyfall’s line that Sandra breeds. Sandra trained and handled Pip and reached Grade 7 but no longer had the time to dedicate to competing with her. This was great news for me as Sandra then asked me to run Pip in competition. The down-side to this is I don’t actually get to train Pip very often so a lot of the time it’s meeting up at shows and then running her. Pip is fantastic and since running her we have qualified for Crufts in the British Open, the Crufts singles and also won three championship tickets giving her the title Agility Champion. Pip is a very cuddly dog and loves either snuggling up to you in bed, or running at full speed out on a walk or on an agility course.

Coy and Lee Windeatt


‘Coy’ is my youngest, she was born in October 2012. KC name Mendipstar Coy Oaty Snuggly. Her mum is Charlotte Harding’s Scandal. KC name Ag Ch Rujaff Red Hot Scandal. Her Sire is Kyte, KC name Brentmoor Skylark. Coy is very confident, keen and so easy to teach, she picks things up extremely quickly. Coy is very funny and makes me laugh almost every time I look at her because of something daft she is doing at the time.