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Hi, my name is Lee Windeatt and I have been competing in dog agility since 1999. I have studied what all the top handlers do with their hands, arms, feet, body and voice and how their dogs respond to them. I use positive reinforcement to train my own dogs and have achieved a great deal of success in agility in the UK and on an international level.

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I can help you to train your dog to the highest level in agility. For more information on my agility coaching services call me or send me an email.

Lee Windeatt and Bold - Champ win Nottingham

Lee Windeatt and Bold – Champ win Nottingham

Lee Windeatt agility training UK

Lee Windeatt agility training UK

Coy - Lee Windeatt's young agility dog

Coy – Lee Windeatt’s young agility dog

‘Essential Foundation Jumping Skills’ by Lee Windeatt

Teach your dog to jump correctly from the beginning with my new agility tuition DVD:

“…A dynamic quick-fire delivery designed to inspire and evolve your agility understanding and learning…”

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